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Together , with our customers we have eliminated the existence of thousands of plastic bottles!!!!  Solid Bar Soap, Solid Shampoo, Solid Dish Soap and our Laundry Stain Stick are all smart ways to enjoy quality cleansing products without the plastic bottle. Our dish soap has had many great reviews and we love using it in our home. We wash the entire kitchen with our solid dish soap. 

Our Natural Vegan Deodorant, Foot Butter, Lip Balm, and Solid lotion are packaged in compostable eco tubes!

All of our shipping is completed with paper tape.  Everything can be reused or recycled. 

We provide you with the FULL ingredients list for everything we make.  We want you to know what is in your products. Custom fragrances are available for our deodorants and shampoo.  If you want something that isn't on the shelf choose "custom" and describe your desired fragrance at check out.

We do not participate in Private Label Wholesales.  We do have some soaps for wholesale. Enquire by email if you are interested. 

Reviews for our shampoo:

"Shipping was quick, best shampoo I've ever used."

"Really love the smell, it makes my hair soft, highly recommended"

"Love the shampoo! I am officially not using conditioner and I have long hair"

"Generous sized shampoo bar! I love the scent and it lathered up so well. "

Reviews for our dish soap: 

"Love this Soap"

"The Best Quality Dish Soap and wonderful packaging"

"tried my dish soap and I am sold! My dishes are so clean and got cleaner than using regular dish soap"

"loving the dish soap and shampoo bars"

Dye free and bleach free organic cotton cloths.  We knit them to make sure the quality is the best. 

Reviews  for our dish cloths:

"I must note that the handmade washcloth included is so well made! "

"Who knew shopping for dish towels would feel like your birthday , omg the packaging smelled amazing and was wrapped so beautifully. Quality is amazing , will be purchasing more 🥰 oh n can’t believe how fast my order came "

Natural Aluminum Free Vegan Deodorant 

Eco Packaging – No more plastic waste! Our packaging tubes are made from 100% recycled ingredients and they are fully compostable. They may take some effort to get used to; however we believe it is worth the time and care. 

Reviews  for our deodorant:

"I bought at least one of every scent of AMSoaps deodorants. I absolutely love them. In our home we've been using a very popular brand of natural deodorant for the past several years and have loved it. THIS is just as good! Making it a titch better is that I get to buy from a small business Canadian and not the US market. Love, love, LOVE your plastic-free packaging. "

" Smells and works great! Love the plastic-free packaging as well"

"Works great, smells great and I like that it doesn't leave any marks on my white bras! "